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Here's a few easy, and frequent fixes that you may be able to walk through on your own. Give em a try, and if difficulties persist give us a shout.


I can't seem to make a connection with my wifi.


It seems like only moments ago you were making a perfect connection with your wifi. Now you've got bubkes. Try simply unplugging a/c from your wifi router, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. If that doesn't work, get in touch we'll be glad to help. The wifi router will typically have 2 or more antennae attached, and there is usually a place in the back to plug in 4-6 network cables. Look for the power cord and unplug it from the unit, or at the outlet.


What the heck! My printer won't work.


Sometimes things happen, and a little "dealie" in your computer or printer may get "stuck." If that happens, try shutting off power to your printer by either unplugging the device, or switching off the power switch. Then, on your computer, close your operating programs and "reboot" the Widnows based computer from the start icon on the lower left portion of your screen. Once your computer starts to reboot, turn the power back on to the printer. Then find the item you were trying to print in the first place and give it one more go. Hopefully, that will take care of things, if not, get in touch we'll gladly help.



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