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Microsoft Phone Scam

Beware of fake Microsoft Technician's calling regarding a virus or other problems with your computer. Microsoft will never call you about a supposed virus or flaw with computer. In the past, these calls have been targeted at elderly demographic, but more recently they have been calling people of all ages.

It goes something like this:

It will usually be someone with an Eastern Indian accent.

"Hello this is "so and so" with Microsoft and it has come to our attention that your computer is infected with a virus. We would like to log into your computer and fix the problem for you."

Once they are logged in they will install a program which will show all sorts of issues with your computer. At this point they will try and sell you a support package to clean up and support your computer for a year at a reasonable cost of around $200. Of course since there was nothing wrong with computer to begin with and they do absolutely nothing, this is what we call a scam.

Please don't be a victim!

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